Web Projects

  • jquery-fade-slider

    A jQuery plugin to add fade effect to your slider items

    Control the number of visible elements
    Set animation timeouts
    Set a start point for the animation

  • MySQL ORM Promise

    An ORM meant to read/modify data from your MySQL database

    A robust query interface
    Allows a clean way to define your queries

  • Google Drive Browser

    A mini-app which lets you get the list of files from your drive which are modified most recently

    Get the files list sorted in order of recent modifications
    Search for filenames
    Searches from within your whole drive. Even inside nested directories

  • Places

    A foursquare like application

    Check-in into any place
    Check out recommended places to visit around you
    Pre-filtered search available for 'food', 'entertainment', 'travel' etc.

  • isbndbjs

    An SDK for retrieving data from ISBNDB.
    Get a particular book using its 10-Digit ISBN, 13-Digit ISBN, or its internal ISBNDB book_id
    Search books by title, author, ISBN number etc.

  • http-requestor

    A Wrapper around Net/HTTP which allows you to perform HTTP Requests
    HTTP Basic Authentication
    Multipart Form Post

  • rails-gsa

    Integrate GSA(Google Search Appliance) with your rails application
    Send request to the XML/JSON API of GSA
    Specify access level to search public, secure, or both types of content
    Search through different collections
    Paginate your results as desired


  • TimePicki

    A lightweight jQuery Time Picker plugin

    Easy to use
    24H & AM/PM notation
    Clean UI
    Set time limit
    Set step size